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Aug 20, 2009 3:00pm EDT
have to make absolutely clear, no one would be obligated to choose the public option. gregg: so he says. the question now, can the president possibly sway lawmakers to have up until now fiercely opposed a public plan for a variety of reasons? major garrett is live with more on this. how hard did the president push for that public option today? >> oh, he pushed real hard. in one point of the interview, he said that this could be a non-profit public option. that sounds like a cooperative. that is one alternative. there are republican opponents to the public option and some democratic skeptics, but remember, there are fierce advocates of the public option, both in the senate and house on the democratic side of the aisle. many house democrats said that if there is not a public auction in the bill, they will not vote for it. he says he does not see how there is any way possible speaker pelosi could move a bill of the floor of the house if it does not include a public option. this is clearly something that the white house is going to have to define more clearly for members of its own party to
FOX News
Aug 16, 2009 4:00pm EDT
. >> gregg: this is a fox news alert. we are getting videotape of american marines in afghanistan engaged in a very intense fire fight with the taliban. those marines working to secure voting of the election there. the taliban has claimed responsibility for a series of recent attacks and threatens anybody that dares to vote. on saturday suicide car bomb killed seven people and wounded 91 outside nato's military headquarters in kabul. >> julie: another fox news alert. we are getting brand-new video of a midair crash today. take a look at these dramatic pictures. two fighter jets were rehers go for an air show. they collided in midair sending one of the planes crashing into several homes below. one of the pilots was killed. a woman inside the house was seriously hurt and four others were injured. 4 >>> what we don't know what the senate finance committee is likely to come up with. they have been more focused on a not for profit coop as straight government run program. what is important is choice and competition. i'm convinced at the end of the day the plan will have both of those. that is n
FOX News
Aug 10, 2009 3:00pm EDT
here and enjoy what is an incredible experience as you look out over the skyline. gregg: i realize that the record speaks for itself. nonetheless, i was very apprehensive to do what we are doing right now. having u2 -- talk to us from the air. a bit like what is outlawed from the ground, talking on a cell phone while driving. nothing ahas happened so far. your reaction? >> fled the your worry about me, you were not as apprehensive as my wife. to get too serious point, we have a pilot that is doing nothing more than flying his helicopter. chris christie is in the passenger seat up front, simply talking to us. he is another set of eyes and ears. can you explain how this all works? >> aside from my reporting duties for fox every day, i do have another set of lies. we are traveling in this area we constantly keep an eye out for other aircraft. there is one right now. frank is talking to him right now as we speak. as long as the aircraft are talking to each other and keeping an eye out for each other and crew members like myself, it can be a pretty safe form of transportation. >> over t
FOX News
Aug 15, 2009 4:00pm EDT
york, good night america. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett. in topping the news, the debate over health care is not slowing down. a georgia congressman holding another townhall meeting last time you may recall, well let's just say it didn't go so well. >> julie: and wild winds fanning flames in california. check out many people are packing up as the wildfire gets out of control. a live report from the fire zone. >> gregg: an explosion in kabul, afghanistan outside the main gate of nato headquarters. days away from a presidential election. we'll find out who was behind the bombing and if it will keep the voters away from the polls. >> julie: president obama is taking his push for health care reform to colorado today. we want to take you live to air force one if we can get that video. this is a live picture of air force one about to depart montana for grand junction, colorado. in colorado that is where he is going to be holding a townhall meeting, a city providing medical care at a third of the cost of other cities. hundreds of people are expected at the e
FOX News
Aug 21, 2009 3:00pm EDT
been staying since she came to florida from ohio. gregg: experts think she will end up in ohio. i disagree. i think the court can and will take jurisdiction and they can announcer as and emancipated minor, thus an adult. but is the decision expected today? >> it is not certain. by no means do we think this judge will absolutely get a ruling today. they could take a narrow focus and say that this is a jurisdictional hearing on a missing persons case originating in franklin county, ohio. the judge could say, look, i will not even deal with her claim. there is no evidence to support it other than her own contention her father is going to kill her if she returns back to his household, because she left islam. the secretary and his legal team, handling foster children on hand at this hearing are going to make arguments. this could be a brief hearing, or it could go longer. we do not know. gregg: it always comes down to what is in the best interest of the child, and given her concerns, i do not see her being handed over. what happens to convince her to run away? >> that is mysterious. th
FOX News
Aug 24, 2009 9:00am EDT
alternatives. megyn: that is where we begin this morning. welcome, greg. gregg: good to see you. you can feel him edging closer to that music button. megyn: he does not care. he is ready to go nuclear. gregg: those comments are coming on the heels of a conversation between tom daschle and the president. the white house is saying that they simply talk about ways to lower health costs. megyn: politico is now saying that they did indeed talk about the so-called nuclear option, also known as reconciliation. both are fancy terms for a legislative move that would allow the democrats to push through a health care reform bill with a simple 50 one-vote majority in the senate. bill salmon joined us live on this. >> good morning. megyn: chuck schumer seem giddy. he has got the finger on the button. saying that they have bent over backwards to work with republicans, but that they are getting ready to go nuclear. do they mean it? or is that just chuck schumer? >> i think that he means it, signaling what people are coming to the realization of. that they will have to go to the nuclear option, because there
FOX News
Aug 9, 2009 4:00pm EDT
for joining us and have a great weekend. >> gregg: this is a fox news alert. we're awaiting a news conference from the national transportation safety board. officials are expected to gi an update on the deadly midair collision over the hudson river. i'm gregg jarrett. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. the associated presses recording the police department has located wreckage from the small plane that slammed into a tour khp chopper yesterday. so far divers have pulled five bodies from the waters. another four are believed to be missing. they recovered a pete's sightseeing helicopter. three people aboard the plane have been identified as members of a pennsylvania family. laura ingle is in new jersey and joins us live with the latest on the recovery effort. >> we are getting word that the search for the small plane that has been going on all day long and they have found the small aircraft just a little north of where we witnessed the helicopter coming out, at least part of it a short time ago. we had dramatic type tape of when the dievsz found the plane using a large crane off a huge boat. they we
FOX News
Aug 28, 2009 9:00am EDT
channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gregg: the road to health care reform could cost millions of jobs according to the heritage foundation. according to the research, health care reform may cost employers at least $49 billion a year, putting 5.2 million employees at risk of losing their jobs. good morning, everyone. megyn: that is an eye opener. that is more affected than my morning coffee. gregg: 10 million more will lose their wages. megyn: that is stunning. obviously, the obama administration would take issues with these numbers. by the way, good morning, everybody. i am megyn kelly. these numbers are based on a provision in the democrats' health care plan aknown as pay or play. gregg: stu varney joins us to talk about this. does this look true? does this look real? >> it raises the temperature of the debate. you may think this is the dog days of summer, but you are dialing up the volume on the health-care debate. these are from the heritage foundation, a conservative group. they do not like a government health care. these are the people who say $
FOX News
Aug 2, 2009 4:00pm EDT
, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news this hour, it's been a mystery for nearly two decades. captain michael scott speicher a u.s. navy pilot shot down back in 1991-his remains never found until now. we've got some new information to share with you. it is bringing his family some closure. the families first public statement in a couple of minutes. >> julie: tragedy at a music festival. an outdoor stage comes crashing down killing one person and injuring more than 70 others. >> gregg: a massive forest fire, raging out of control. take a look at this. we're going to tell you where several thousand people had to go to dodge this massive fire. >> julie: our first and top story, he was the first american soldier lost in the gulf war and for nearly two decades no one knew whether he was alive or dead. now, the mystery is finally over. pentagon says the remains of the pilot captain michael scott speicer has been identified. his plane was shot down in the opening hours of the war. it's a testament of how the military never stop looking for one of its
FOX News
Aug 8, 2009 4:00pm EDT
started. >> gregg: a midair collision over the hudson river, this time no miracle on the hudson. no survivors, nine people died when a small plane crashed into the back side it is believed to be of tour helicopter that was carrying five italian tourists. both aircraft fell into the hudson river and onto to the new jersey waterfront. police have now confirmed and the amendment has as well, all nine people were killed. we are hearing that two bodies have been recovered. >> julie: on the right of your screen okay itself left you see the scene of the crash site. on the right, pictures of the aircraft. the plane is a piper pa-32 that took off from teterboro and also the helicopter that was carrying the six passengers. it was one pilot and five passengers, five italian tourists. >> gregg: we have seen a great many watercraft on the sudden son almost immediately. they train for this to be here the moment something happens for rescue. indeed, in this case it's recovery. it's fire and rescue, nypd, the coastguard, other aircraft that happened to be nearby came to what they hope would be
FOX News
Aug 30, 2009 4:00pm EDT
. have a great widen weekend. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. we are just getting videotape of a crash of a belo russian fighter jet. it happened in poland. it was performing maneuvers. we're going to try to get more information. we're also hearing from police regard the jadee dugard kidnapping case. they are focusing their investigation on two suspects, philip garrido and his wife. they are digging in the backyard where jaycee and two daughters were allegedly being kept in a makeshift compound of tents and sheds and a whole lot more. we're going to continue follow what is happening. we'll bring that you news conference as soon as it begins. >>> another fox news alert. wildfires in california threatening 12,000 homes. 6,000 of those homeowners are under mandatory evacuation order as the flames are closing in. the unpredictable fire is spreading in all directions. schwarzenegger says 2200 firefighters are battling the flames and he is urging them to heed authorities' warnings. live from california. anita? >> good news, bad news situation the bad news because of the extremely hot triple-
FOX News
Aug 27, 2009 9:00am EDT gregg: this is a fox news alert. new numbers from the economy supporting claims that say this recession is over. the numbers show a 1% contraction in ever gdp in this -- in our gdp in the second quarter. compare that to be 6.4% drop in the first quarter. it seems we are on the way, but can we get our stimulus money back? good morning, everyone. megyn: hello, everyone. welcome to "america's newsroom." our research team looked at this this morning. only 11% of the stimulus has been sent out so far. $700 billion is still sitting in the bank, and now some folks at town hall meetings are starting to ask -- in the words of the cartoon character -- for a refund, a refund. remember that? gregg: stu varney has a wonderful way of putting everything in perspective for us. >> you have not got a prayer. it is never going to happen. when was the last time a politician took $1 trillion of your money, did not spend it, and gave it back? >gregg: but if people start demanding that they are repaid -- let's take a look at this poll number. 72% say, return it to the taxpayers. that t
FOX News
Aug 14, 2009 11:00am EDT
. it is set to begin at 2:15 eastern time. gregg: the philadelphia eagles holding a news conference momentarily to announce what we already know officially, that michael vick will return to the game after an 18-month prison sentence of four charges relating to dogfighting. the gory details include electrocuting and drowning unwanted animals. a spokesperson for people for the ethical treatment of animals issued a statement a saying, "what sort of message does this send to fans who care about animals and do not want to see them harmed? since vick has not given a public acknowledgment that he is remorseful, time will tell." vick could receive nearly $7 million. when he first joined in 2002, he was drafted to the falcons for $62 million. since then, he has found himself not just behind bars, but in bankruptcy court, as well. that's from the coach of the eagles. jane: more live pictures to show you. this one is in the santa cruz mountains, south of san francisco. look at the heavy smoke in the skies there. most of the area has been evacuating. any progress, claudia? >> we're in the area
FOX News
Aug 23, 2009 4:00pm EDT
'm julie banderas. >> and i'll gregg jarrett. hurricane bill now losing strength but still creating very rough surf conditions along the eastern seaboard. many of the beaches banning swimmingers and dangerous rip tides. they expect a category one storm losing speed as it twirls over cooler waters. >> julie: in greece a very hot scene there, fast moving wildfire forcing thousands to flee their homes in athens. flames consuming an estimated 30,000 acres and prompting the government to declare a state of emergency. >> gregg: the president finally beginning his first official vacation since taking office. arriving on the island of martha's vineyard. week long break amongst the heat debate over heath care reform and news that the white house underestimated deficit projections, not just a little bit but by trillions of dollars. major garrett is on the island now. major, what can you tell us about the getaway for the first family. >> reporter: there is a subtle art in covering presidential vacations, you have to sift through every minute detail. we'll show you air force one and first family get
FOX News
Aug 13, 2009 11:00am EDT
channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gregg: an enormous wildfire burning in california. take a look at those flames. more than 1,000 acres up in smoke so far. hundreds of people being told, but do not wait, get out now. evacuation is under way, and claudia is on her way to the fire line. we hope for a report in a few minutes. jane: now on to health care. town hall meetings with members of congress are flooded with constituents. take a look. >> we have come to a place where it is more important to give illegal immigrants, illegal aliens health care than it is -- how dare you. how dare you. >> stops out, come on. jane: it is not just democrats. >> that's not fair. jane: that comes from a town hall from mike kaufman in colorado. president obama will hold a town hall of his own in montana tomorrow. what is the message going to be, and has it changed at all? >> it should be interesting, because he is going to appear with senator max baucus from the middle of health-care negotiations. the county he is going to is a conservative county, and democrats as r
FOX News
Aug 1, 2009 4:00pm EDT
met in the woods and the soviet union was no more. from new york, good night america! >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. a major mess at one of the nation's busiest airports after an evacuation of la guardia. what happened and who police say was responsible for a headache for thousands of travelers. >> gregg: and a cash for clunkers program, well it's not going away quite yet. so much will you be able to trade in your wheels. >> julie: we're going to find out. >> a plan to change held care in america on its way to a vote by the house of representatives after late night maneuvering to get conservative democrats on board. molly henneberg is live in washington. what happens in the house now? >> molly: three committees in the house have passed bills the ways and means committee, education and labor and late last night the energy and commerce committee. so now democratic leaders will take those three bills and combine them in one big piece of legislation. democrats say they are ready to get it to a floor for a vote in s
FOX News
Aug 19, 2009 11:00am EDT
like we just lost our connection. gregg: the first hurricane of the atlantic season proven to be very dangerous. hurricane bill picking up waters as it moves across the atlantic ocean. we have a new update on the expected truck. for more on that, we go to janice dean. >> this storm is textbook right now. take a look at that eye. all four quadrants are filling out. there is really nothing in the storm's wake, so we could see a category 5 storm. as you mentioned, we have brand new information from the national hurricane center. it is moving a bit quicker to the west northwest. the track does not change much in the next few days. remember, the cone of uncertainty is still a long me kate, area. new england, you should be paying attention to this. most people are predicting that this will move out into the ocean, but we still need to keep an eye on this. the cone of uncertainty is always several hundred miles wide. category 3 storm by sunday. that is still a major hurricane. of interaction until they get closer to the northeast coast line, and then maybe bermuda needs to be looking out. we
FOX News
Aug 26, 2009 9:00am EDT
will have it all for you momentarily. but the senator's death tops the news today. gregg: reaction is pouring in from all over this morning. the british prime minister, gordon brown, saying that senator kennedy will be more and not just in america, but on every continent. megyn: major is live from massachusetts with more. good morning. we expect president obama to speak on the senator's passing. put it in perspective for us. this senator was key to this president's election. >> absolutely, good morning. we are at the oak bluffs elementary school. my camera man is going to move the camera so that you can see that the flag is flying at half staff. they are flying that way at the u.s. capitol, all over martha's vineyard, part of a symbolic tribute to, as you said, a senator, a legislator, someone who left a mark not just on american politics, but on this particular president. you asked about logistics', we expect the president to take the microphone at 9:30, his remarks will be about 10 minutes long, talking about his own personal feelings for senator kennedy and placing his death in
FOX News
Aug 8, 2009 3:00pm EDT
. i am in new york city along with gregg jarrett as we continue to follow this breaking story in new york. in the lower right hand corner of the screen you can see microphones and the podium. we are waiting to hear from michael bloomberg who will be stepping up to the microphone. he doesn't like to hold press conferences until he has concrete information. the information seems to be all over the map. at first we heard one person had been rescued from the scene but now we're getting reports that nobody has successfully been rescued. we're getting confirmation one person having died. we're waiting to hear from mayor bloomberg. perhaps he is giving instructions on when they will begin the press conference. we'll bring you live remarks as soon as they begin. my colleague jon scott has been following this story. jon is a news anchor a pilot, veteran pilot and a fright person. you said very early on you would have been surprised if we gotten any reports of being rescued from the scene. sadly, it appears to be the case. >> sure, if they have an engine failure in mid flight they are capable
FOX News
Aug 22, 2009 3:00pm EDT
. >>> hello, i'm gregg jarrett. hurricane bill bringing very rough surf and heavy rains to the east coast. category two storm creating high tides and treacherous rip tides. a tropical storm warning in effect for parts of massachusetts including cape cod martha's vineyard. president obama calling for an honest debate on health care reform in his weekly radio address. he accused his opponents about making phony claims about death panels but he may find the biggest struggle with members of his own party over a government run insurance option. caroline? >> health care negotiations, this one between democrats. two top house democrats see to disagree with whether a government sponsored option should be in the bill. here is nancy pelosi. >> there is no way i can passes a bill in the house of representatives. >> but number two says she for public options but for also passing a bill. >> we believe the public option is the necessary useful and very important aspect of this, but we're going to have to see because there are many other important aspects of the bill, as well. >> further complicating th
FOX News
Aug 22, 2009 5:00pm EDT
>>> hello, everyone. >> i'm gregg jarrett, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's headquarters. winds whipping up to 100 miles per hour, hurricane bill is prompting warnings for parts of canada and the united states eastern coast line. the storm left flooding and power outages in its wake and headed directly toward the coast of massachusetts. >> also a convicted terrorist who planned the bombing of pan am flight 103 killed 270 people, released from prison. why is he getting a hero's reception now and a hug from libya's president gadaffi upon his return? >> new developments in the white house e-mail controversy as the obama administration confirming to fox news it hired a private communications company to distribute mass e-mails promoting health care reform, shedding brand-new light on just how some of you folks out there got the e-mails, even though you never signed up for them. caroline is live in washington with the very latest on that. hi, caroline. >> gov is the company that distributed those from the white house to people that complained they never asked for t
Aug 21, 2009 4:30am EDT
gregg reports, drivers still have until next monday to take advantage. >> reporter: not much time left for those wanting to cash in on their clunker. the program that some are calling one of the government's most successful economic plans ends monday. cash for clunkers offers rebates up to $4,500 to car buyers trading in old gas guzzlers. it's been so popular, the initial $1 billion in funding ran out in less than two weeks, prompting congress to scramble and add another 2 billion. >> dealers have sold cars like they haven't sold them in quite some time. manufacturers are producing cars like they haven't in quite some time. >> reporter: but there are complaints. car dealers who reported delays in government reimbursements, unprocessed applications and others that must be resubmitted because the forms were filled out incorrectly. >> we're now slightly victims of success because the thing happened so quick. there was so much more demand than anybody expected that dealers were overwhelmed with applications. >> reporter: some say it's hard to complain about thousands of cars that have been
Aug 28, 2009 4:30am EDT
gregg has those details. >> can a retan p woman get a flu shot if she's only one or two months pregnant? >> reporter: this interactive webcast is one of the health and human services department's margest multimedia campaigns ever. the subject, education and prevention of swine flu. >> the information that we deal with is going to be as important as the vaccine. >> reporter: becau a children and young adults are most at risk for swine flu, the government is distributing information on facebook, youtube, twitter and other platforms to make it easily accessible for a wide range of age groups. >> we need to come up with products and interesting information that people can get any time of the day and anywhere that they are. lots of doctors offices -- >> reporter: these webcasts are called know what to do about the flu. this one targets pregnant women. >> you have to wash your hands. >> reporter: it covers everything from how to avoid the flu to the new vaccine available by mid-october. health experts say all pregnant women should be among the first vaccinated, along with young people 6 month
Aug 16, 2009 6:00pm EDT
bay defeated toronto. gregg zaun, grand slam home run, rays an advantage. second home run in two at-bats. kansas beat the tigers. the oakland-white sox game is 2- in the 9th inning. the orioles lose to the angels. we'll be back on masn in just a moment. (announcer) what does greatness taste like? round of miller lite.
FOX News
Aug 6, 2009 6:00pm EDT
companies that we own. >> and new hampshire republican judd gregg protested the use of money intended for energy efficiency. >> this is the ultimate bait and switch. >> but michigan democrat debbie stabenow wasn't buying any of it. >> my colleagues on the other side of the aisle who are constantly bashing the recovery package for not delivering immediate results should be jumping for joy. >> stabenow noted that any of the amendments would force a suspension of the clunkers program since it would mean the senate had passed a different version of the bill than the house and the house has adjourned for the month, it is a safe bet that sometime later this evening, the senate will do the same and the clunkers money will keep flowing. chris: wendell goler reporting from the white house, thank you. the white house tried to get out ahead of and soften the blow from friday's anticipated dismal jobs numbers. senior white house correspondent major garrett reports that the president's economic team is sticking with its story -- the obama plan is working. >> one of the president's top economic adv
Aug 18, 2009 4:00pm EDT
the recession is winding down but the rebirth will be a slow one. if consumers don't buy into it. leanne gregg has the latest. >> reporter: key to america's recovery, the house market. numbers from the commerce department shows new home sales numbers closed down close 240% from the same time last year. new construction of ltifamiliar line its like apartment buildings dropped more than 13% in july. largely because of tight credit. sile family home construction, the worst hit part of the housing market, rose close to 2%. the fifth monthly increase in a row. >> the important thing is the shift in momentum. at the bottom, not a big bounce-up. >> reporter: a first-time home buying tax credit had an impact and foreclosures made home buying in even the most unaffordable markets like california doable, skewing the housing numbers. >> we are now hearing stories of bidding wars between first-time buyers and speculators going after foreclosed homes that are now 50% off their peaks or even more. >> reporter: the u.s. economy can't rebound without consumer spending and many economists say the consumer can'
FOX News
Aug 7, 2009 6:00am EDT
conversations... and memories. all for under $2 a serving. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. gregg: an emotional union wednesday for reporters laura ling and miss lee when they returned home and -- steve: journalist lisa ling joins us on the phone from los angeles. good morning, lisa. >> thank you for having me. steve: it's great your sister is out and we're all delighted bill clinton would be able to spring them. of course we don't know what was done behind-the-scenes but there is a story out that apparently your sister and miss lee did cross into north korea before they were captured. what do you know about that? >> well, we haven't been putting any pressure on laura because she is weak and trying to adjust. she had been in relative isolation for about five months and went weeks, because she didn't speak korean -- without speaking to anyone. so we haven't really got an chance to talk details because we're giving her time to do so. but the little bits we have heard are jaw-dropping and fascinating and she is actually very eager to tell that story herself. she just needs a little time to reaccli
Aug 4, 2009 6:00am EDT
gregg of new hampshire, senator jack reed of rhode island, senator kent conrad of north dakota, and senator jeff bingaman of new mexico. bring the gavel down. "squawk box" is in session. >> welcome back to "squawk box" here on cnbc, first in business world wide. i'm carl quintanilla along with becky quick and joe kernen. we are in session live in the nation's capital. in hearing room for senate natural resources committee. i don't know how you ever felt more vulnerable or more small in your life. >> i like it up there better than down here. wow. >> i was saying, please never ever call me -- >> we don't ever want to be subpoenaed. we gathered six senators this morning from both sides of the aisle to talk about america's health care crisis and some of the other hot button issues of the day buzzing around the hill. let's walk through the lineup. republican senator lamar alexander of tennessee, appropriations committee ranking member, republican, senator kent conrad of north dakota, budget committee chairman and finance committee senior member. senator kay bale hutchinson, senator
Aug 7, 2009 5:00pm EDT
's xtra" aplayer move as gregg zaun was moved on wafers and traded to tampa bay. bergesen is on the disabled list and he'll talk about his rehab. >> tonight it is game one of the three-game series against the jays, and jason berken looks to turn it around as he gets the start in the opener. it is the orioles and the blue jays and r and it is o's exthere on masn! >> good evening and welcome in. it is "o's xtra" presented by at&t. game one of the three-game series in toronto, and there is the pitching match-up. it will be jason berken looking to snap his long losing streak and he goes against ricky romero who is 10-4 with a stellar e.r.a. of 3.53. hi, everybody. jim hunter with rick deferltiony. brad bergesen is in studio. he'll talk about his rehab and how soon he hopes to get back with the orioles. it is game one in toronto. we know what the season is all about. the experience r. experience that the players are learning is invaluable, but somewhere along the line the winning has to factor in. what step has to be taken, in particular for the players, to go from being prospe
Aug 16, 2009 4:00am EDT
markets with gregg hunt and mike north. the discussion begins in just two minutes. please stay with us. -0-0-0-0-0- i visited with dairy . >> u.s. farm report foundtable guest this week greg hunt, nf global and mike. i will go to you first. didn't seem like the markets even noticed that the report was out there. looks like we will have more corn and beans that we even dreamed we would. >> well, there is a lot of history about the markets, the whisper numbers were kind of there. >> okay. and, you know, it was the typical take in the fact type of thing. i mean, i've seen, you know, like in '95 the biggest bull markets we ever had every bull was for pork we closed lower. so, i mean, you know, that type of thing doesn't surprise me. you know, i think you have got this hot money that, you know, keep thinking of hyper inflation on top of anything else and they will buy anything. that wasn't abnormal. the next day, though, you know, we give it back. >> yes. >> and then they crush it here today with putting out the deliveries in august beans last night. and, you know, it went off the board at noon
Aug 26, 2009 11:00am EDT
an impact on reforming health care with his passing? is we have senator judd gregg by telephone, and greg value yar, chief policy strategist at solay securities, mr. gregg, let me begin with you. we're sort of narrow focused on this. will mr. kennedy's passing have any particular impact on the health care story? >> well, the impact's already occurred in that he hasn't been around to basically help in the negotiations. i think i've said a number of times, if he had been in the senate and active -- he's obviously in the senate, but had been his usual active self over the last few months, we probably would have reached some sort of a consensus agreement, because ultimately ted wanted to legislate, came from the liberal agenda and strongly defended the liberal philosophy. but he also understood that there was a time for theater there was a time for action, and he always was willing to reach an agreement if it was reasonable to try to move things along. because he knew without a bill, we made no progress. >> and greg, i believe you think this could essentially be a turning point that it might
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Aug 10, 2009 5:00am EDT
in the national guard. blame it on the stimulus plan. getwó i'm gregg jarrett, right now, back to forbes on fox. >>> this proves the stimulus package isn't working. >> jefferson county may have problems that no stimulus may solve. the stimulus is built on the thesis that you can create wealth by taking $787 billion out of people's pocketbooks and gifh it back to them but only to spend on politician causes. does that work? do you think that creates wealth? maybe not. look for example the cash for clunkers extension. this is a scheme to create wealth by smashing things. [ laughter ] >> does it work? let's gets a few facts up here. jefferson county spent money off the taxes that were illegal. the bond issues was downgraded and in a cash crisis. now, the republican governor and the blue dog democrats are scrambling to raise taxes for to pay for it. nothing has to do with stimulus. >> so it's totally unrelated to the stimulus. >> i agree with concern tin. spending money on sewer and bond thing that they can't afford. the numbers are slightly better now, 9.4% it's still not good. >> they are getting
Aug 4, 2009 7:00pm EDT
two u.s. senators to talk about senator barbara boxer and judd gregg of new hampshire will be here to talk about the culture war that seems to have permeated in the health care issue. at 155 miles per hour, andy roddick has the fastest serve in the history of professional tennis. so i've come to this court to challenge his speed. ...on the internet. i'll be using the 3g at&t laptopconnect card. he won't. so i can book travel plans faster, check my account balances faster. alon the go. i'm bill kurtis and i'm faster than andy roddick. (announcer) "switch to the nations fastest 3g network" "and get the at&t laptopconnect card for free". >>> coming up, a clash in the keystone state. u.s. congressman joe sestak announces today he's challenging arlen specter in the democratic primary for the right to face pat toomey in the general election. all three candidates are coming here tonight to "hardball." hi, may i help you? yes, i hear progressive has lots of discounts on car insurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. discount! are you goin
Aug 2, 2009 6:30pm EDT
. gregg's the navy pilot was flying and a combat mission on the first night of the first gulf war in 1991 when he was shot down. ins re for years, rumors pstersied that he s in 2001,caof e beus the uncertainty, his status was changed from killed to missing in action. many can only imagine what the family winter. >> i would think they assumed the worst and went on from there. i am glad that they finally were able to find remains. >> to not know, you always have hope. haen wn uyo find o t,utt i ope t,hat hope iss gone. >> lt month,n iraqi fo d arngrwyisae hme fo rw saying he where thin ctaap went his rai b by tribesmen in the desert of west central iraq. that is where they found the remains. >> every family wants to know and move on. >> we understand the family will be getting a classified briefing from the military either tomorrow or tuesday. the family put out a statement which read, "we will bringing him home." >>> after a stormy morning, the sun finally came out this evening. have we seen the last of the storms? we have the first check of our forecast. >> we have been monitoring storms
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Aug 15, 2009 3:00pm EDT
. call the number on your screen for free information. >> gregg: on the front lines in california, firefighters are trying to gain control of a wildfire in santa cruz mountains. flames threatening hundreds of homes. forcing thousands to flee. crews are in for a tough fight. hot dry winds could potentially spark new fires. >> mystery of a missing cargo ship, it vanished and finish verse say a ransom has been demanded but they're not clear if it's legitimate. >> president obama is in colorado and holding a third townhall meeting expected to begin 6:25 eastern. we'll bring it to you live. i'm gregg jarrett. glenn beck returns right now and check out our website at >> glenn: hello, america, we're doing a special show. i usually you to take this and bring it to your friends, pass on the information that you see here. the author of woodrow wilson the roots of modern liberalism. former general counsel to president obama's by oh ethics. we're talking about else's care. today i saw the president give his speech, he said, you know some of these guys on that other network that a
Aug 18, 2009 9:00am EDT
obama's former commerce secretary and former republican center judd gregg where he stands. >>> and a so-called gang of six, those six senators because of the states they are from represent only 3% of the population of america, so why are they making the decisions on the health care bill for the entire u.s. senate? >>> "so you think you can dance." this time with tom delay. "dancing with the stars." we will discuss this, because why wouldn't we? >>> and the opening bell on wall street, and next hour we are talking about the president's pay czar threatening to claw back ceo bonuses paid to executives over the past few years, who prospered, of course, building the world's largest credit bubble. >>> now try making this argument to democratic leaders, and it doesn't go so well. an update on the debate? >> democrats are speaking about the apparent shift from the white house. there is a flury of news releases. nancy pelosi said they agree the public option will create competition. the cochair of the congressional progressive caucus says real reform cannot be accomplished without a robust publi
Aug 7, 2009 7:00pm EDT
with all of these young starting pitchers. >> we have a new back-up catcher tonight. gregg zaun is gone. the start is going to be delayed while toronto goes through these me-game activities. when we come back, buck had a chance to talk with the youngster, brian mat advertise. you'll hear the interview in just a moment! @x@0@p@0@6p)@)@)@ >> orioles baseball on masn is without to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by honda, the 2009 honda clear answer. it is the only thing from honda that won't last. >> back here in toronto on an absolutely gorgeous day, the roofer will be open for the ballgame tonight here at the rogers centre. and for the orioles, the hope will be that jason berken, one of the young pitchers, can find his way into a w. column and maybe some significant innings pitched. brian mat advertise certainly did that -- ma toc. >> it sure is. he was outstanding over his start. >> five innings, one earned run, six hits. i spoke to brian how special it was for his major league debut to share it with so many family and friends. >> it was awesome bec
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Aug 23, 2009 6:00pm EDT
look at that! >> julie: oh, no! >> gregg: where this is picture. >> julie: oh! [laughter]. >> julie: that is awesome, gosh, kind of looks like my dress, though not so much! >> gregg: ♪ ♪ going to the castle... >> julie: best man, and his wife and kids are here, see you at the wedding. m chris wallace ands "fox news sunday." >> chris: amid amid outcries ovh panels, new information over what critics call the death book. is the department of veterans affairs already counseling former soldiers on when to pull the plug? we will talk with jim touhy who blocked the plan during the bush years but says it started again under president obama. and va assistant secretary tammy duckworth, a veteran of the war in iraq. healthcare reform in trouble. will democrats drop the public option? wi they stop dealing with the gop and try to go it alone. we will louisiana senator arlen specter. and the top republican on the house budget committee. also, former bh homeland security chief tom ridge says he was pressured by other top officials to play politics with the terror threat levels. we'll ask the s
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Aug 30, 2009 6:00pm EDT
>> a classy guy. >> and that is a bad date. >> i haven't had dates like that. >> gregg: how many times have you had to pay the bill. >> don't get me started. >> gregg: that's it for you, i'm gregg jarrett, joined by juliet huddy. >> "fox news sunday." next. >> chris: former vice president dick cheney speaks out about the justice department decision to investigate possible cia abuses. the new administration's first 7 months. >> what do you think of barack obama. >> and his relationship with former president bush. >> chris: did you feel he went soft in the second term. >> dick cheney as you have never seen him before. exclusively, on "fox news sunda sunday". then, we'll bring you the latest on the explosive story we reported last week. is the obama administration pushing a death book on our veterans, and ted kennedy's life and career. we'll hear from our sunday panel, salmon, lies son, bill kristol and juan williams, all on "fox news sunday." >> chris: hello again from fox news in washington. the obama justice department made big news this week, launching a review that could lead t
Aug 7, 2009 8:30pm EDT
of the senate tap danced with shirley temple and represented california for o happy te. dd gregg, retiringrom new hampire, has voted forevery nomie sincee has been there. charles grassley and orrin hah wentagainst the records by voting againsher. >> first they destrod the gines, and then they drag it to yard, rip out the parts they can sell, and then stack them high. americans haveturned in at least50,000 vehicle they ran o of mey. congre has come up with another billion. whh isine, a great program if you have job but ifou do not hav a job, u cannot buy a car. >> you a right, you cannot do that and a whole loof other things. but this is clearly a government program run amok with success. it is amazing that they had to t more money into it. but the deerships are porting profits. they are staying open. this is one of the bt little stilus plans they have going on right now. it ihard to tell whether it is relate to the better-tha expected uneloyment numbers this month, but it is at least ehere they are having - the government i having a real fect on the economy. >> it is nice to see a stimulus
Jul 31, 2009 11:00pm EDT
to its summer break. >> is the same story in our dealerships across the country. gregg's our phones have been ringing off the hook. we are art selling eight or 10 today from each store sometimes. >> new cars are flying off the lots, gas-guzzlers' being left in the dust. >> we were just going crazy. >> of all sam's offer of trade in rebates up to $4,500 has given the auto industry is sudden boost -- of all sam's offer. >> we estimate that about 220,000 vehicles have been sold. >> not more than a few weeks ago, there were skeptics who were not sure that this cash for clunkers program would work. >> but the programs overnight success has become a big headache for washington. cash for clunkers has blown through its billion dollar budget in less than a week. now washington is scrambling to keep it funded. before going on its august 3, the house voted another 200 -- and other $2 billion in unused stimulus money. some called it another expensive bailout for the auto industry. >> maybe we should have a cash for cluckers program and pay people to eat chicken. we decided to give out free money, an
Aug 18, 2009 4:30am EDT
of singer michael jackson. as leanne gregg reports, one issue dealt with the sale of products in the singer's image and another involved the more serious questions of how the pop icon died. >> reporter: this attorney, representing the pop star's mother, said she might file a wrongful death lawsuit because of the circumstances surrounding her son's demise. one possible defendant, dr. conrad murray, the singer's personal physician. >> dr. murray's name has been floated because he is under criminal investigation. >> reporter: that investigation focused on the possibility murray may have improperly given jackson a powerful anesthetic, usually only administered in a hospital. police are also looking into actions of other doctors and the role prescription drugs may have played in his death. in a development relating to the estate, a judge on monday approved a deal between the c co-executors of the will and a marketing group in charge of his image. the judge heard objections from katherine jackson's attorney about objections of the exhibit. >> there may be allegations of the money we have lost bec
Aug 7, 2009 11:00pm EDT
's their record so far. orioles baseball, gregg zaun traded to tampa bay for a player to be named later. chad muller called up. on the field birds got a wakeup call, encounter with the blue jays. then they rocked them to sleep from there. what was a 3-0 orioles, with the win. when the os scored four runs. a fielder's choice beat out, hustle, hustle. 4-3, baltimore on top. bottom 6, starter shut down batters as easy as 3 up, 3 down. over 6 he allowed five hits and three runs in his second career victory. 8th a 1, 2, 3, inning for the reliever pitcher. nice defense, melvin mora. en route to an orioles,' 7-5 victory. game 2, orioles blue jays to be shown right here tomorrow at 1:00. >>> ravens training camp from westminster. o'neal cousins fell hard. hurt hition leg. hurt his leg. la darius webb not so happy. >> they are trying to get the best out of me. which i love it. i always want to be the best. to be the best you have to play with the best and against the best and i got the best with my team, you know. >> and that's our best sound bite. [ laughter ] >>> gotta want to be the best to be the
Aug 7, 2009 8:00pm EDT
danced with shirley temple. judd gregg, retiring come from new venture, has voted for every nominee since he has been -- retiring, from new hampshire, has voted for every nominee since he has been there. >> cash for clunkers. first they destroy the engines and then they dragged into a yard and rip out the parts they can sell, and stack them high. this has been working and they ran out of money. congress has come up with another $2 billion. it is a great program if you have a job. if you do not have a job, you cannot buy a new car. >> if you do not have a job, you are right, you cannot do that or a whole lot of other things. but this is clearly a government program run amok with success. it is amazing that they had to put more money into it. but the dealerships are reporting profits. they are staying open. this is one of the best little stimulus plans they have got going on right now. it is hard to tell whether it is related to the better-than- expected unemployment numbers this month. but it is at least one where they are having the government -- the government is having a real effect on
Aug 14, 2009 6:00am EDT
to see him back in uniform. gregg madison, the new defensive coordinator got the game ball as they shut out the redskins 23-0. back to work, ravens. as with every ravens game, fans pack the parking lots all around the stadium tailgating and talking football. marybeth marsden has more on you fans. >> go, ravens! >> big victory for us tonight. preseason, we'll give it a shot and get everyone ready to go. >> reporter: what better way to kick things off than with a backyard brawl. >> the ravens will win. >> the redskins will win tonight. the battle of the beltways is nothing better than that. >> we're gonna win. >> reporter: certainly some fans are already in mid-season form. >> redskins are no good. ravens are the greatest. >> reporter: and while nobody likes to lose, everyone in here knows the most important thing is not to lose any players. >> i just hope everybody comes out of the first preseason game healthy and move onto the second game and keep everybody healthy for the season. >> reporter: spoken like a coach, but no doubt this is still a big game. and frankly, we had no idea how b
Aug 9, 2009 9:00am EDT
, who tap danced with shirley temple and represented california for one happy term. judd gregg, retiring from new hampshire, has voted for every nominee for the supreme court since he has been there for charles grassley when against his record by voting against the nominee. at suntrust, we help you manage your money at home. and make it easy when you're away. at suntrust, we help you manage your money at home. and where ever you go, atm fees won't follow. at suntrust, we help you manage get back to what really matts switch to suntrust checking today suntrust. live solid, bank solid. >> first they destroy the engines, then they dragged into a yard, report parts to sell, and stack them high. americans have turned in at least 150,000 vehicles. they ran out of money and congress has come up with another $2 billion. which is fine, a great program if you have a job. if you do not have a job, you cannot buy a car, you just cannot. >> you are right, you cannot do that and a whole lot of other things. that this is a government program run amok with success. it is amazing. but the dealerships are
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